~Meet Artist Linda Newman Boughton~

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*Page Updated! Please scroll down to see Linda’s original paintings for the Water for Elephants Circus Banners!

While on my Water for Elephants Internet travels I serendipitously came across this wonderful artist, her name is Linda Newman Boughton and she has just recently completed 10 paintings to be used in the “Water for Elephants” film. We struck up an (internet) friendship and she graciously agreed to allow me to feature her on my blog in my continuing celebration of the very talented people  involved with this fantastic film. She revealed that she had about a week to finish all ten paintings, but that wasn’t a problem for her because she is a very fast painter and is familiar with the film industry’s demand for a very quick turnaround on art work.  The paintings are based on 1930’s circus banner art and she painted small scale versions in gouache on illustration board since the art department is going to digitally modify them to scale and age them for an authentic vintage effect. When I asked  Linda about her reference material for the paintings she explained that the reference material is almost always supplied by the hard working art department and that the Production Designer (Jack Fisk on this film) and/or the art director spend a lot of time designing the look and feel of the film. Basically they have done, and have art department assistants that  do, a ton of research as the PD has creative control over the style and look of the finished film. For “Water for Elephants” Linda was given examples of what they wanted and they gave her characters to design the images around, so she had some room to contribute  ideas for the finished pieces. During my conversation with Linda I asked her how she became involved with WFE and she explained to me that the film community tends to network names around quite a bit and that she is known in the industry for completing work very quickly. A WFE set designer had met her on another film and remembered her fantastic work and her attention to detail and speed in completing her work, so she was hired. Unfortunately we will not be able to include Linda’s WFE artwork images here per the production company’s wishes… as Linda says, “Why ruin a good surprise, right?” Perhaps when the film is released we’ll be able to share Linda’s fabulous artwork. In closing Linda reveals that she loves making art for the movie world and she loves being asked to do the seemingly impossible, which is to paint images that she would normally not paint.  She also says that she feels blessed to be able to paint with such diversity and learns more by seeing the different and painting it with no time to ask questions… Linda has extensive experience working on many major films and TV shows; her Circus themed artwork has been featured in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me”. In addition to her film work Linda also paints portraits, murals and has done illustrations as well. Please visit Linda’s website www.lindanewmanart.com where you can read her full bio and browse through her beautiful, fantastic and impressive body of  artwork. Below is one of Linda’s lovely portraits. Thank you Linda, you’re amazing!

*Update*: July 26, 2010 ~ I have just received images from Linda of her original paintings that she produced for Water for Elephants film! Linda was finally able to share some photos of her paintings that the WFE art department used to create the beautiful Sideshow Circus Banners that we’ve seen in many of the WFE set photos, and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you… Just click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

In the image below you can see how the art department turned her small scale paintings in to huge vintage looking Circus Banners through the magic of graphic design! I asked Linda what would happen to the banners after filming had wrapped and this is what she told me,The studio usually holds on to all props and set pieces for about a year in case they are needed for re-shoots, then they go to the studio’s prop house… Sometimes directors take them home and actors too… I have had both reported back to me- which always makes my day ;)” (click thumbnail to enlarge)

In the set image below you can see the painting of the contortionist and how it was embellished to resemble a vintage Circus Sideshow Banner. (click thumbnail to enlarge)

Linda is an amazing artist and a beautiful person and I cannot thank her enough for being a part of the WFE film blog! Please visit her website and show her some love! Thank you, Linda, you’re awesome!

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  1. Very nice article on Linda’s great artwork- i look forward to seeing the movie! Thank you!

  2. Wow, these paintings are fantastic!!!! I am so excited to see the film, and all the details!!!! Linda Newman is a fantastic artist!!!!

  3. thanks,very interesting post,can´t wait for WFE

  4. Glad Linda is getting so much recognition! She is so talented. Can’t wait to see the film and her work.

  5. Thank you for writing about Linda Newman.
    Linda’s ability to capture an accurate likeness of a subject is uncanny. But what is most unique, she takes the viewer on a very personal journey. Linda’s work is profound because her paintings reach out and touch the viewer, speaking to them directly. Leaving with them the story that is meant for them and them alone. The message that’s delivered is unique for each person who has the good fortune to embrace Linda’s beautiful art. I am excited to learn that the world is able to see Linda Newman’s amazing talent and experience her gift of true art.

  6. I, too, am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of Linda’s work!

    Thanks for the interesting write-up!

  7. Fantastic!!! I can’t wait to see the art work, and the film!!!!!

  8. Great write-up…can’t wait to see the film/pictures!

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