~Image Gallery 2~

Welcome to the Water for Elephants Image Gallery 2.
Filming began on May 20, 2010 and wrapped on August 4, 2010. The images from May 20 – July 28 are located in Image Gallery 1 which covered the Los Angeles, Piru and Fillmore, CA portion of filming. In Image Gallery 2 you will find the images from July 29, 2010 – August 4, 2010 which cover the Tennessee and Georgia portion of the shoot. I will also be posting images from various other dates during filming as images become available. (Disclosure: These photos were not taken by me or anyone involved with the production company. They were taken by various professional photo outlets or private persons and distributed or purchased from agencies on the Internet. Images are copyright to their owners. (Most photos from this gallery are sourced from Carrie, Chasity, Cheryl, Debby, Donna, Hope, Nicole and Sonya all featured on the WFE Film Blog. Read about the Tennessee/Georgia filming details here.) You can find assorted “Behind the Scenes” photos in Image Gallery 3. The Water for Elephants Promo/Trailer images are located in Image Gallery 4.

Principal photography (meaning principal actors) on Water for Elephants wrapped on Tuesday, August 3rd, when Rob Pattinson filmed his final scenes. However, Director Francis Lawrence and crew finished filming on Wednesday, August 4th. On Tuesday Francis tweeted: “We still have three background plates to shoot tonight and then some more plates tomorrow. But principal photography is now done.” On Wednesday, August 4th, Francis tweeted: Just shot what is probably our most beautiful train shot… Setting sun, reflections in the water and white steam shooting thru the trees! Down to the very last shot. Train thru a tunnel at night. Rolling the cameras.. That’s a wrap on WFE!!!!!!” Unfortunately there were no images to punctuate this lovely final shooting tweet… So, “that’s a wrap on the Tennessee & Georgia gallery.” … I did have a few photos that didn’t exactly fit into the daily shots so they are featured in the mixed set below dated 7/13/11… Enjoy!

**Updated: This Gallery also features photos from the WFE re-shoots/additions that took place 1/14/11 – 1/16/11**

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  1. Love the new Image Gallery 2 which takes the viewer through the Tennessee activities. Thanks for your hard work putting these images together.

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