~Image Gallery 1~

Welcome to the Water for Elephants Image Gallery 1. Filming began May 20, 2010 and wrapped on August 4, 2010. Below are the images covering the dates between May 20 – July 28. For images covering July 30 – August 4 and beyond, see Image Gallery 2. “Behind the Scenes” images are located inImage Gallery 3 and Water for Elephants Promo/Trailer images are located in Image Gallery 4. (Disclosure: These photos were not taken by me or anyone involved with the production company. They were taken by various professional/independent photo outlets or private persons and distributed or purchased from agencies on the Internet.  Unless otherwise noted all images are sourced from Robert Pattinson Life. Images are copyright to their owners.

7/28/10~ WFE Set Images These were the last photos from the Los Angeles, Piru and Fillmore portion of filming. On 7/30/10 filming  moved to Tennessee and Georgia for four more days and wrapped on 8/4/10. Images from that date and forward are in WFE Image Gallery 2.