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Welcome to the Water for Elephants Film Blog Image Gallery Index page. There are four WFE Image Galleries to be enjoyed  that cover various parts of WFE filming which took place beginning May 20, 2010 and wrapped August 4, 2010. Re-shoots and additional footage was shot  between January 14, 2011 ~ January 16, 2011.  Below is a breakdown of what you’ll find in each of the four Galleries…

Image Gallery 1 ~ This Gallery features images covering the filming dates between May 20, 2010 ~ July 28, 2010. Here you will find the photos beginning with the first day of filming (May 20) on location in Piru, California through the last studio shots (July 28). Film locations for this portion were: Piru, Fillmore and Los Angeles, California. On July 30, 2010 filming  continued with a move to Tennessee and Georgia for more location shooting…

Image Gallery 2 ~ In this Gallery you will find images from the Tennessee/Georgia portion of WFE filming which took place  July 29, 2010 ~ August 4, 2010. You will also find  images from January 14, 2011 ~ January 16, 2011, which cover the ‘re-shoots/additions’ that were filmed in the San Fernando Valley, CA…

Image Gallery 3 ~ The images in this Gallery cover various “behind the scenes” portions of WFE filming. They are not dated, so they’re randomly organized. Some highlights include: the Spectacular WFE Circus Wagons, the Benzini Bros. Circus clowns, Menagerie animals and Rosie!

Image Gallery 4 ~ This Gallery is dedicated to all of the Official Water for Elephants promotional images, Official WFE Trailer screen-caps and basically any images from magazines, website articles, etc. This Gallery will also feature photos from the film’s premier and beyond.

Image Gallery 5 ~ This Gallery will contains all of the Water for Elephants ‘Premiere’ images… *Updating*

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  1. Excellent Pictures! Thanks for sharing

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