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May 31, 2010 ~ The last major role in Water for Elephants, the film, has been cast: Camel will be played by Jim Norton!
This bio courtesy of IMDb: “He was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1999 (1998 season) for Best Actor for his performance in “The Weir”. In 2003 he won an Village Voice Obie award for his performance in A Dublin Carol In 2004, he recorded the full text of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”, accompanied by Marcella Riordan as “Molly Bloom”,  for Naxos Audiobooks, which was released in a 22 CD edition. Also by Joyce, he had already recorded for Naxos “Dubliners” in full, abridgments of “Finnegans Wake” and “Ulysses” and, recently, the full text of “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”. Winner of the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role at the 2007 Society of West End Theatre awards, 18th February 2007. This was for playing the part of “Richard Harkin” in Conor McPherson’s “The Seafarer”. Jim Norton is a highly accomplished British stage actor and has appeared in many British TV shows as well as films. He currently lives in New York City and recently appeared in a Broadway revival of Finian’s Rainbow (2009-2010) as well as The Seafarer (2007-2008) and The Weir (1999).

May 28, 2010 ~ A bit if casting news: Lucinda, A Benzini Bros. Circus Sideshow act, has been cast and the lovely Jackie Zane will portray her. Please welcome Jackie to the WFE film ‘Extraordinary Extras’ page! Jackie keeps a fantastic blog that further explores her talents. She participated in a short film, “The Butterfly Circus” which you can watch via her blog page, it’s a glimpse of Depression Era Circus/Carnival life and the people involved.

May 25, 2010 ~ Slow news day, filming-wise, but I did update the “Big Top” with other ‘newsie’ bits… And, in case you missed it, on Sunday (May 23rd) I posted my weekend recap of the first two days of filming that’s also on the “Big Top” page…

May 20, 2010 ~ First day of filming! WFE Director Francis Lawrence tweets: “1st shot of WFE completed!!’n (source) First Day set pics! I posted all of the first day set photos in the WFE ~ Images gallery. (source)  Overall a very good news day! More to follow…

May 19, 2010 ~ Filming is just a day away and the Ventura County Film commission has confirmed that a ‘production company’ has taken out a film permit for Thursday  (May 20th) to start shooting a movie in Fillmore and surrounding towns! These details are from the Ventura County Star’s  online newspaper article published on Monday. Click here to read the full article and check out the WFE Images page for a look at the painted train boxcars, flatcars and Circus wagons!
More WFE related news: Reese Witherspoon (above) was photographed leaving a hair salon yesterday (May 18th) with a new shoulder length platinum blond hairstyle and a few minutes before a woman left the same salon with the exact same hairstyle and color. She is presumed to be Reese’s stunt/photo double for WFE according to the full article here. Reese is on the left and her double on the right, the resemblance is stunning! So, it would seem that Reese is staying blond for her role as Marlena? We shall see very soon…
Speaking of WFE stunt doubles:
Allison Caetano and Darlene Ava Williams are listed on Water for Elephants IMDb page under ‘stunts’. Both women have similar body types, so they could double for Reese, however neither look like the woman photographed above… *shrug*
ounding out today’s news: Rob Pattinson made an appearance on the Ellen show and mentioned that he was to begin filming WFE on Thursday!  I added the  video to the WFE Videos page. We also got a closer look at his new haircut for WFE, it’s very authentic and looks much like what I had expected. From the haircuts/styles to the painting of the Circus boxcars/flatcars one thing is for certain that the WFE production company is keeping things authentic and that’s something that personally makes me smile!

May 17, 2010 ~ In three days cameras will finally roll on Water for Elephants! All of my ‘extra’ friends are very excited/anxious  to begin filming. The shoot is expected to last until around the second week of July. Glen, who’s part of the Circus Band sent me this fun message: “Just a fun fact. Saw on your blog that you refer to Carnivàle as a depression-era production. l was photo-double/ stand-in for John Savage for much of that show. Small world” It really is a small world for these actors; the film community is really closeknit and many of these ‘extra’ actors have worked with each other on previous projects. More WFE related mentions – On the USA Today website Rob Pattinson had this to say about his next film: “Water for Elephants: It’s set in the Depression era, when circuses traveled by train and this guy runs away and jumps on a train to be a hobo and by accident, he doesn’t realize it’s a circus train. He becomes part of this world because he has no life to go back to and ends up falling in love with the ringmaster’s wife, played by Reese Witherspoon. The ringmaster just happens to be kind of a schizophrenic as well. He’s a most charismatic and terrifying person. He’s Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds. I did a read through yesterday with him. He was sitting right next to me. It was a little terrifying.” … Ending on that note, I think that I can safely say that WFE is off to a fantastic start!

May 16, 2010 ~ Rob Pattinson out and about on Sunday afternoon sporting his new Water for Elephants haircut… Compare below to Kevin’s very short cut. The production company is definitely going  for very authentic 1931 hair styles… Great to see that they’re keeping to the era. This is very good news indeed! Hopefully we’ll have more images of Rob (and Christoph) very soon… More pics of Rob’s new hair cut  here.

May 15, 2010 ~ Here’s Kevin Hawley (circus roustabout) with his 1931 haircut. He doesn’t think that they will let him keep the goatee and mustache since it’s not authentic 1930’s, we’ll update when filming begins. Also, one of the Water for Elephants ‘extras’ that is cast as a Circus Roustabout let me know that they will have ‘roustabout training’ early next week: What does that entail you ask? We surmised that it meant setting up the circus tents, etc. He said he would fill me in later after attending the training. So that means that David, Kevin and Tommy will be in attendance. On another note: WFE Director Francis Lawrence tweeted on May 13th ~ Just rehearsed under the big top with Marlena, Jacob, August and Rosie. Great to see everyone together.“ So things are progressing on schedule… Filming begins May 20th, that’s this Thursday! Hopefully more great news to follow… Speaking of: I hope to have ‘Rosie’s page’ up by tomorrow, so check back!

May 14, 2010 ~ Finally have confirmation on who will play WFE Rosie! Her name is Tai and she is one of the “Have Trunk Will Travel” elephants mentioned in my May 8th post.
Such fun news!

May 11, 2010 ~ I have added a new sub-page to the WFE ~ Crew page: ~Meet the Artist Linda Newman Boughton~ Linda’s artwork will be featured in Water for Elephants. I am very pleased that she wanted to be a part of my blog and I urge you to click on the page link above and read all about this wonderful artist!

May 10, 2010 ~ The role of Walter/Kinko has been cast! The lucky actor has been added to the WFE ~ Cast page. Also, various supporting roles have been cast as well, including one of our ‘Extraordinary Extras’ David Dustin Kenyon! Scroll down the Cast page to see who’s been added.

May 8, 2010 ~ Could this be our WFE Rosie? I suspect (read rumored) that our favorite ‘girl’ has been cast… Meet her and the rest of her family here. ~ Apparently this the the sanctuary where Rob met his “Water for Elephants” co-star (Details Magazine) (source: aWFEangel)

May 6, 2010 ~ WFE Director Francis Lawrence finally revealed who has been cast as ‘old’ Jacob: The very talented Hal Holbrook, the directors first choice. I will be updating the “Cast” page later tonight with details on Mr Holbrook’s long career, so check back later!

May 4, 2010 ~ Glen McDougal, one of the WFE ‘Extraordinary Extras’ filled me on on his day: Just had a fitting for wardrobe and measurements for my new band uniform. Saw Mr. Waltz there. I recognized some costumers that I worked with on Seabiscuitso you know the period wardrobe is going to be fantastic. There’s a real upbeat mood in the air. This is going to be great.~ Glen” Glen is a really wonderful guy, I had the pleasure of speaking with him at length and I have a new found respect for ‘background actors’ and the industry in general. They work very hard, long hours and they deserve our attention.

May 2, 2010 ~ The town of Fillmore, CA is gearing up for the start of filming Water for Elephants: The ‘Big Top’ tent and Circus train cars have been spotted by the locals. The town of Fillmore and the local Fillmore and Western Railway are not strangers to the film industry, it is a very popular filming location and therefore they are very prepared for the next couple of months of movie making…

May 1, 2010 ~ Water for Elephants Director,  Francis Lawrence, has been Tweeting quite a few WFE film details: No, not any casting news yet but he promised there would be news soon. He Tweeted this yesterday afternoon- “News on casting coming soon… Waiting for deals to be locked.” he also Tweeted about seeing the ‘Big Top’ for the first time as well – “Just saw the big top put up for the first time today and it was amazing. Nothing like an authentic canvas tent glowing under the sun.” Today he followed with these two Tweets – “Going to the pre records for all of our circus music… Gonna be great to hear it live!” and after that – “For those that know the book… We just recorded the disaster march.” If you have read the book you will remember that the ‘Disaster March’ is mentioned in the Prologue  as being the Sousa march, Stars and Stripes Forever, only played as a signal that something has gone terribly wrong inside the Big Top. As promised Francis has been very forthcoming with filming details and I feel confident that he will keep us all well informed as things progress film-wise. On another note: If you haven’t already done so please check out the newly added WFE film blog page ~Meet the Extraordinary WFE Film Extras~ This new page is dedicated to the film ‘extra’ or ‘background actor’. I had the pleasure of  “meeting” four of them so far and they’ve all been kind enough to allow me to feature them on the blog. These actors deserve our attention, so I hope you will leave them some comment ‘love’ over on the new page… More soon!

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