~June 2010 News Archive~

(Note: The archived News page entries are in descending order: oldest to newest)

28, 2010 ~ Updated the Big Top page with a ‘week in review’ post about last week’s filming … Lots of great details, check it out for the wrap up! Filming continues this week with more great scenes to be shot, including the ‘Speakeasy Raid’ scene…

June 22, 2010 ~ Reese Witherspoon, as Marlena, was photographed yesterday (Monday) on the WFE film set! Here are a few of  the photos, all will be added to the WFE Image Gallery later today as more images may be rolling in! Marlena looks fantastic! *Updated* all of Monday’s images  have been added to to the Gallery. (source)

June 20, 2010 ~ WFE filming resumes tomorrow (Monday) with day shoots. Last week’s filming took place mainly at night, so therefore no set images this past week. I re-capped the week’s set details in my Big Top post, plus added a few WFE related excerpts from interviews that Rob Pattinson did while promoting his latest Twilight film, Eclipse. I also added a new page to the blog, a Glossary of Circus Slang & Lingo for anyone curious about some of the ‘circus lingo’ used in WFE the novel and film; plus I posted a fabulous video interview with WFE Costume Designer, Jacqueline West, that’s very informative and insightful. Hopefully next week’s filming will bring us more news and images! More to follow!

June 16, 2010 ~ A friend of a WFE film extra tweeted this image and let me know that I could post it on my film blog!
It serves as a great wardrobe study; I love the tapestry handbag and her embellished cloche hat. The day dress with a  simple white collar frames the bold print. The shoes and period stockings are just perfect. This costume typifies Jacqueline West’s eye for detail as well as the authenticity that she  and her wardrobe department employ in dressing everyone involved in the film right down to the ‘extras’… Thanks, Barbara! You look amazing!

June 15, 2010 ~ Another new week of WFE filming ahead!
First off though I want to re-cap with casting news: Tracy Phillips has been cast as Nell, she is one of the WFE coochie girls, I’ve added her to the Cast page. Last night’s filming was a night shoot and Director Francis Lawrence tweeted about it – @Hibbits In the big top about to shoot the spec! and one of the Roustabouts tweeted – “Just wrapped night shoot! Great night watching the most spectacular show on earth” So apparently they where back at the Piru set where the Big Top is located. I believe that there will be another night shoot tonight according to one of the Circus band members. Night shoots usually mean that there will be no set images, but we have seen so many already that we’re spoiled enough!

June 12, 2010 ~ Meet Queenie, Kinko’s sweet Terrier!
Jen and Lori had the opportunity to visit the WFE set on Monday (June 6th) and they told me all about their day. Their WFE Set Adventure is now located on the blog! They had a great time and even met Queenie, along with Christoph Waltz and one of the WFE Roustabouts!

June 10, 2010 ~ Added all of Wednesday’s (June 9th) set images, 57 in all, to the WFE Image Gallery! They were filming one of my favorite scenes from the book. If you’ve read WFE, the novel, then after looking at the images you’ll know exactly what scene I am referring to… So, until tomorrow’s barrage of new set photos, we’re all caught up! If you’ve missed any of the set photos since the start of filming they’re all located in the Gallery, 358 images and counting… I never expected that there would be set images everyday, it’s actually quite unbelievable… I couldn’t be happier or more excited as the book is literally coming to life and I am loving what I’ve seen so far; I cannot say enough good things about the production and especially Director Francis Lawrence. More tomorrow…

June 8, 2010 ~ Finally images of August! Christoph Waltz on Water for Elephants film set 6/7/2010 (source)

June 4, 2010 ~ Yesterday, June 3rd, was a great WFE news day!
It started off with MORE set photos from Wednesday’s (June 2nd) filming which are now in the WFE Image Gallery. Mid-morning Director Francis Lawrence tweeted,Shooting barbaras tent and it looks incredible.” and then revealed that actress Donna W. Scott is playing Barbara, one more name to add to the supporting cast list! Donna is quite a beauty, perfectly cast, as are all of the other supporting and lead roles. As if all that wasn’t enough, this morning another new batch of  WFE set images from yesterday’s (June 3rd) day of filming have surfaced,  I will be adding them to the gallery a little later today. I’ve learned that it’s best to wait until ALL of the photos have been revealed before adding them to the WFE Image Gallery for posterity… The Rob Pattinson fan sites are great at finding and posting the images as soon as they hit the Internet, I prefer to wait until later in the day that way I can organize them into some semblance of order, thus creating a more enjoyable Image gallery. I will be writing a new Big Top post later today re-capping this week’s news as well as my thoughts on filming thus far… Hope you’ll check back later!

June 2, 2010 ~ More WFE set photos have been added to the WFE Image Gallery! Thirty photos from yesterday’s (June 1st) filming in Piru, CA. (source)

June 1, 2010 ~ On Friday, May 28th, a couple of  WFE film enthusiasts were able to get close enough to the Piru set location to snap quite a few photos. In a few of these photos you can clearly see Circus Banners depicting various ‘sideshow’ acts… I immediately knew that these must be the Circus Banners that my artist friend Linda Newman Boughton had painted. This morning she confirmed that, yes, indeed those were her paintings! She also mentioned that when she has ‘official’ set photos that she would share them with me. In the meantime here is one of the photos that shows her paintings. There are more on the WFE Image Gallery page. (5/28/10 images from wfefilm.com) *Edited to add: Director Francis Lawrence tweeted from the WFE film set around 1pm – “Just shot Jacob watching the benzini tent going up for the first time… All lifted by our roustabouts!” His tweets are great, he gives us just enough info to fill us in on what scenes are being shot and no more, very “cheeky” …  :-)

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