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January 31, 2011 ~ Last Monday, 1/24/11, @dogtownmusic (aka Stuart Thomas) music producer and affiliate of  James Newton Howard (he’s on board to score WFE) tweeted that he was meeting with Francis Lawrence and Mr. Howard with regard to WFE…
He also tweeted a few images of the studio set up in preparation for the Water for Elephants recording session (run your mouse over the images below for his ‘tweets’ and click to enlarge). On 1/27/11 I asked if they were recording that evening and he replied that they were “just setting the stage”… On Sunday, 1/30/11, he tweeted: “Recorded guitars for Water for Elephants today. Beautiful music by James Newton Howard for a beautiful film by Francis Lawrence…” Today Francis Lawrence,
@Hibbits, tweeted: “Day 1 of scoring and it is unbelievably beautiful!”… Water for Elephants is in such good hands, and with this latest bit of news from FL we can expect WFE to be just as we hoped: Beautiful! (images via @dogtownmusic Click thumbnails to enlarge)

January 26, 2011 ~ Water for Elephants is mentioned in quite a few online articles: EW.com
posted a Spring Preview in which their editors pick the most noteworthy spring events. WFE is included in their film picks! Moviefone.com has Water for Elephants on their list of
“2011 Movie Previews: 75 Films We Can’t Wait To See This Year”…

Also, Reese Witherspoon has been promoting her new film, “How Do You Know”
and during her interviews  with two UK  websites she mentioned working with Rob and Tai/Rosie and how it was ‘one of the best experiences of her career’… Reese’s interview with FemaleFirst.co.uk and her interview with the DailyRecord.co.uk are both very entertaining and informative… Check them out!

January 23, 2011 ~ More WFE promo:
US Weekly had a small mention of WFE in this week’s edition, it’s basically a few of the re-shoot/addition photos and a couple of comments, nothing new. I love all of the WFE promo, it’s great to see  that the studio is aggressively promoting the film! Here is the US Weekly image~

January 19, 2011 ~ The Official Water for Elephants website is now live!
www.waterforelephants.com … Here is a screenshot:
I hope that they will be adding more info as they go forward with WFE film promotion! More to come! (click on above image to enlarge)
Also this evening @Hibbits tweeted “…busy in a dark room… Cutting away. Almost done!”

January 17, 2011 ~ The past few days have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride! Rob, Reese and Tai were back on set, Friday 1/14, to film a couple of additional scenes (and some re-shoots) for Water for Elephants (images are located in Image Gallery 2). Filming continued through Sunday morning, 1/16, and wrapped up quickly because Rob Pattinson was scheduled to present the award for ‘best foreign film’ at the Golden Globes that evening. He walked the Red Carpet and gave several interviews in which he talked about Water for Elephants. In one especially interesting interview with Access Hollywood he had this to say about WFE: “I’m really excited about it coming out, I’ve been doing some additional stuff today and yesterday, and I think… I have a feeling it’s going to be really good…” and “It’s like a big old-fashioned movie, it feels like kind of 40’s Hollywood. So I hope that comes across. It’s got a sort of nostalgic factor that I miss anyway….” The video of  his interview with Access Hollywood is located on the Videos page. Many interviewers on the Golden Globes red carpet asked him about his hair color, which was noticeably ‘ginger/dark red’, he pretty much stated that he’d just come from filming ‘Breaking Dawn’ (which he’s still filming) and had to have a quick ‘dye job’ for his WFE  re-shoots to, once again, portray Jacob Jankowski. In his interview with EOnline Rob elaborates on the ‘hair color change’: “I had to keep switching it between two movies, I thought it was a nice change…” He added this bit about filming WFE: “It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had making a movie… I’ve been working with Reese Witherspoon for the last three days. She’s amazing. She’s great. She’s funny.” It’s great that both Reese and Rob (and Christoph too) had very positive things to say about filming Water for Elephants… Earlier today I was curious about whether they had wrapped filming the ‘additions/re-shoots’ so I Tweeted Francis Lawrence, @Hibbits, asking him if they had finished filming and he replied: @WFEfilm all finished, doing ADR right now.” What that means is that the principal actors are now (earlier today) in a recording studio ‘dubbing’ their lines in order to make them perfect for whatever reason. ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement) is a very common practice whilst making a film… Nothing to worry about, it’s really normal for the actors to go back into a recording studio to repeat their lines for any given scene for clarity’s sake… So, that pretty much concludes the re-shoot/additions portion of WFE… Now it’s back to the editing suite for Francis and Allen Edward Bell... (All of the WFE re-shoot images covering 1/15-1/16 are located in Image Gallery 2)

*click to enlarge*

January 15, 2011 ~ We knew that the WFE re-shoots/additions were scheduled for this week (see January 12th entry below)… However, there was much to be surprised about when we learned that Rob, Reese and Tai had returned to the Circus! Kelli (@gkngc04) had located the set in the San Fernando Valley, CA and was able to photograph a scene that was being filmed. The paparazzi also found the set and took  some very revealing photos of Mr. & Mrs. Jankowski and their budding family… After studying all of the photos from yesterday (they’re in Image Gallery 2) I came to the conclusion that the scenes, for the most part, being filmed take place after Jacob, Marlena and Rosie leave the Benzini Bros. Circus, post ‘disaster’ (August’s untimely death). The book states that they joined Ringling Bros. Circus where Jacob continued on as their Veterinarian and Marlena preformed her act with Rosie…  Also keep in mind that Marlena was expecting a baby (Jacob is the father) and we see evidence of that child, a son,  in the photos and another baby being held by Jacob; according to the book this baby is their first daughter… FL, @Hibbits , did say he was “shooting a couple little additions and a surprise for the end…”, perhaps this is the ‘surprise’ or a part of it... Regardless, I love what I’ve seen so far and I’m even more excited to see the final film! I admire FL, his crew and the actor’s dedication to Water for Elephants, the film, and their unwavering hard work getting all of the details correct so that the final film will be brilliant… It would seem, whilst further studying the photos, that there is a sense of rebirth/renewal after the Jankowski’s  leave  the Benzini Bros. Circus. Evidence being the children and the baby lions… On another note the Los Angeles Times published a really sweet article about WFE… Here is an excerpt: “On the last day of shooting “Water for Elephants”, Reese Witherspoon was so upset that she broke down in tears. She hadn’t been that saddened by a movie wrapping in years, the actress said, but she had become particularly attached to one costar: an 8,800 pound elephant named Tai…” Also read how FL lured his actors into accepting their roles by introducing them to Tai… You can read the entire article here. If you haven’t already, do check out the new WFE re-shoot/additions images in Image Gallery 2

*click to enlarge*

January 13, 2011 ~ It’s been a busy news day for Water for Elephants promo items! First up: We knew that WFE, the novel, was getting a new ‘film tie-in’ cover  for its March 1st re-release so I began checking Barnes & Noble.com to see if they had the cover art featured. This afternoon when I checked the site they finally had the new cover image published and you can now pre-order this edition and have it shipped to you when it’s available 3/1/2011! I’ve added a page to the WFEfilm blog ~Buy WFE Novel~ that has the link to  BN.com. They’re discounting the book 35% if you pre-order it through the online store. Even if you already have a copy of the book, and I hope that you do, the tie-in cover will be collectible. The original cover is now out-of-stock, so you will want to hang on to that edition as well. You cannot have too many copies of Water for Elephants! The next bit of promo is from the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly (featuring Johnny Depp on the cover). It’s a small blurb, but features a new WFE film still which is always welcome! Marlena and Rosie are staring adoringly at Jacob… Perhaps Rosie is asking: “Take me home, Jacob… I want to live with you... Click on the thumbnails to enlarge! (EW scans via @WFEfilm)

Lastly, @TroysMyAngel tweeted me that she had seen the WFE film poster at her local movie theater and photographed it to share with us, which became our third WFE promo treat for today! The image is the same as the new book cover art and the official trailer promo image. It’s really great to see that WFE is receiving so much media attention and studio promotion… April 22nd will be here before we know it!

*Click to enlarge*

January 12, 2011 ~ **Update** Earlier today I tweeted @Hibbits (Francis Lawrence) with this question: @Hibbits news of #WFE re-shoots have hit the web. Can you fill in the details, please? Thanks!” Here is his reply:@WFEfilm just shooting a couple little additions and a surprise for the end!!! We’re almost done. Couldn’t be happier.” We now have a definitive answer about the reported ‘re-shoots’… I have to say I am so pleased that we have a direct line to Francis and that he actually communicates with us! If he’s happy, then I’m happy! (Posted before the reply from @Hibbits) There have been rumblings that Water for Elephants is headed for ‘re-shoots’… I didn’t want to post anything until there was a bit more firm information and today via WhatsPlaying.com.au we have more details. I usually don’t copy and paste the entire article, but here it is:

“Hollywood Insider : Robert Pattinson’s Elephants movie reshoots
By Hollywood Insider | January 12, 2011

Haven’t seen the film myself, so can’t comment, but I have read both the book and the script of which Water for Elephants – the new film starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon – is based on, and can I just say, I think it’s a very solid, enjoyable yarn. I’m already predicting it might be one of my favorite films of the year – its story seems to encompass everything I require in a yarn.

The film – and source material – tells of a veterinary student, played by Pattinson, who abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet.

Two different sources confirmed for me today that the film is undergoing reshoots this month.

One told me, “I’m being told that director Francis Lawrence has been asked to reshoot some of the movie – someone wants the film, which is a very stylistic almost jigsaw-puzzle of a film, to appeal to a broader audience than what it will in it’s current form (read : more commercial). That doesn’t mean it’s a poor film, in fact it could be a brilliant piece, it’s just a studio making sure they get the most bums on seats possible.”

Another, who has somewhat of a link to the production, says “It’s all good. The film is brilliant, man. Oscars 2012. Mark My Words. But yeah, what you’ve heard is true – we are doing new stuff. It’s all secondary character stuff”

The first scene to be reshot “involves a 9-month old baby (blue-eyed) who is going to playing with a small dog – a Jack Russell, I believe”, I was informed earlier today.

So… um, they’re adding cute stuff? or a pre-credits sequence? Young Robert Pattinson? Whatever the case, I’m fairly confident this is gonna be a must-watch flick.

The reshoots begin January 14.”

Hopefully more info to come! (source via RobPattzNews)

January 3, 2011 ~ Entertainment Weekly.com has published the images from their “First Look” article without the tags… For the article go here ~ EW.com

January 2, 2011 ~ First of all: Happy New Year! Huge thanks to everyone that visited my film blog in 2010! Someone pointed out that on 1/1/11 it was 111 days away from Water for Elephants opening in the USA
…. Now on to the news: People Magazine has published the  “First Look” article written by @OliverJones on their website, lots of great quotes by @Hibbits (Francis Lawrence)… Here is the link – People.com and below are two WFE images from that article without tags and enlarged by WFEfilm blog…

~Click here for December 2010 News Archive~

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