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February 28, 2011 ~ Catching up the news from last week beginning with Francis Lawrence’s tweet about a new Water for Elephants trailer coming this week:
On Wednesday, 2/23,
@Hibbits tweeted: “Just finished a new trailer yesterday. Coming soon…” According to @ProjectionList they predict that it will be shown in front of films opening this Friday (March 4th). I am hoping that the Official WFE website will share the new trailer on their site as well. These next bits of news I’ll list quickly as it was a fairly busy new week ~

**Rob Pattinson was photographed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine and will appear on the cover of the April issue due out on Thursday, 3/3/11. Apparently there’s a feature article as well where Rob talks about filming WFE. His cover spread features a rather ‘aggressive’ co-star…
**A new German TV spot for Water for Elephants features a couple of new scenes. The video has been added to the ‘Videos’ page…

**Water for Elephants will have a premiere in Berlin, Germany on April 27th to be held at Berlin’s Sony Center. Also, German TV station ProSieben is holding a contest to win tickets to a ‘meet & greet’ with Rob Pattinson at the premiere. You can read all of the contest details over at Robsteners.blogspot.com.
**Reese Witherspoon
appeared as a presenter at the Academy Awards and was interviewed on the Oscar pre-show. She looked wonderful and spoke about WFE! She mentioned that she had ‘seen’ the film last week and that it was great! I’ve added her interview to the
‘Videos’ page…
**Today’s news:
Earlier today entertainment reporter, Charles Thorp, (@charlesthorp) tweeted that he was about to interview Francis Lawrence and wanted folks to tweet questions his way. Unfortunately I didn’t see the tweet early enough to participate, but no worries as there will be other opportunities. That about wraps it up news-wise. In case you missed it: I added a new post to  the
~Meet WFE Rosie~ page, hope you’ll have a look! Also, I added three ‘screencaps’ from the German WFE TV spot to Image Gallery 4

February 21, 2011 ~  Instead of catching up the WFE Film News page for the week ending February 20, 2011 I decided to write a new ‘Big Top’ post that includes the News and my thoughts on possible Water for Elephants ‘themes’… Plus I answer the question as to ‘why’ the Uncle Al character seems to be missing from the film… Click here to enter the ‘Big Top’

February 13, 2011 ~ Since I missed updating the Film News page the past couple of days I’m writing one big ‘catch-up’ post: Water for Elephants, the novel, continues to hold the #1 position on the NY Times paperback fiction bestseller list for the week of February 13th! On Thursday, February 10, @Hibbits (Francis Lawrence) Tweeted: “Ok… Perk of the job. Flying to Paris to do ADR with Christoph.” Christoph Waltz is currently filming  “Carnage” in Paris, so Francis has to make the trip over to re-record some dialogue for WFE… Nice perk! On Friday, February 11, InStyle.co.uk published a short article featuring two WFE posters (both in Image Gallery 4) that we’ve seen before… One is the poster featuring Marlena & Rosie and  is the best quality yet. Hopefully we’ll have an HQ copy of that one soon. The article is ‘short & sweet’, nothing new, but very complimentary… (click on the link above to read the article) Also on Friday, @Hibbits surprised us with another exciting tweet: “WFE should be finished in about three weeks. Just doing the last final touches. I’m gonna miss this one when it’s over.” It would seem that FL has had quite an experience filming WFE and has grown very attached! I think  that the best is yet to come, in just over two months we’ll finally get to see WFE in theaters and until then there will be lots of  promotion for the film to keep us happy! More WFE related news: Cindy, who is a contributor to RobertPattinsonNews had the opportunity to interview Paul Darnell (Rob’s stunt double) and she published the interview on their blog. Here is the part that relates to Water for Elephants:

Can you share any of the experience of last summer’s filming of Water for Elephants?

“A terrific book turned into an even greater film with 3 outstanding actors. The three, Reese, Rob and Christoph, worked together amazingly. Rob also did an amazing job learning and performing the fights and working with the animals. Rob has a scene feeding tigers, REAL tigers, that could eat you if they wanted. Rob played it cool and had no problems working with them at all. Probably better than I could.” (The entire interview is very interesting, head over to their blog to read the rest!) Thanks, RobertPattinsonNews! This afternoon (February 13) Stewart M Thomas, aka, @dogtownmusic tweeted this message: “Final day of score mixing on #WFE. This is indeed one of the best films I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. Beautiful film and score! Added bonus, I got to meet Reese who is beautiful in person and very sweet. #WFE :)” Stewart has been working with James Newton Howard recording the score for WFE . So far everyone involved with WFE, from the extras to the crew, have been nothing but complimentary toward the film... A happy film set and post production usually indicates a beautiful finished product…

February 8, 2011 ~ Algonquin Books, publisher of Water for Elephants, now has a photo feature on their website advertising the film tie-edition of the book… Also, two new variations of WFE Official film posters have been spotted via @RPLife. I have added them to Image Gallery 4!

February 6, 2011 ~ Yet another Water for Elephants film promotional poster has been seen!
Darja_bas shared a new WFE film poster via Twitter. *Edited to add better quality photo… Reese as Marlena & Rosie! (click on image to enlarge)

February 5, 2011 ~ It’s been an exciting Water for Elephants news filled afternoon!
Around 1:30pm I casually tweeted Francis Lawrence, @Hibbits, asking him if the date was set for the film premiere in the USA. He replied: @WFEfilm the premiere is April 17th” he then added: @WFEfilm also… The movie is not done yet. Almost. Getting very close.” I have to say I am very pleased that he replied with the premiere date and updated me on the films progress, so much so that I forgot to ask him ‘where’ the premiere was taking place! I quickly tweeted him asking for the location and this was his reply: “@WFEfilm The premiere is in NYC. There will be international premieres following the release here in the USA.” Wow, New York City… that was a surprise! FL is so wonderful about answering my tweet questions, he’s amazing! It was great to hear that post production is still happening on WFE, he’s really putting so much effort into creating a beautiful film… In other WFE related news today: Water for Elephants tops the New York Times paperback trade fiction bestseller list at #1 for the week of February 6th!! via Barnes & Noble.com.  Also, WFE author
Sara Gruen visited my film blog; she let me know that she was impressed with it, and all the work that I put into it!  She really is the main reason that I wanted to write this  film blog … It all began with her amazing novel and now five years later we have a beautiful film that will open on April 22, 2010! *Edited to add*: Another new WFE film poster has been revealed: Click on the image above right to enlarge! (via @RPLife) All of the Official WFE promo images/posters are located in Image Gallery 4.

February 2, 2011 ~ The February edition of Empire Magazine (UK edition) has a small feature on Water for Elephants. Here is a transcript of the article (since the scan is difficult to read) with the magazine scan on the right:

“The Fox Lot in Century City looks incredible; there are clowns of all kinds — white-face, sad-face and hobo — surrounded by acrobats, midget cops, zebras and stilt-walkers, all leading the way for an elephant that soberly plods through a street scene lined with cheering, period-dressed extras. On the elephant’s back perches the ethereal figure of Marlena, a 1930s circus queen who, on closer inspection, turns out to be Reese Witherspoon, the star of this big-budget adaptation of Sara Gruen’s Depression-era novel about a young vet (Robert Pattinson) who runs away with the big top.
“Marlena’s a really interesting girl,” enthuses Witherspoon when she finally dismounts. “She was abandoned as a child, found her way through ’20s America — which was obviously headed towards the Depression — and once we find her in this movie, they’re in the middle of the Depression. So she definitely has a survivor instinct.”
Married to ringmaster August (Christoph Waltz) — a “very dark, very abusive” character, the actress reveals — Marlena’s head is turned by the arrival of Pattinson’s student of veterinary science, Jacob. “Just as he’s about to take his final exams, both his parents die in a car crash,” explains the Twilight star. “Within a couple of months his entire life has disappeared. So he basically gets on a train — any old train — to try and find a job. And it ends up being a circus train. He sees Marlena within, I guess, the first day, and it’s one of the biggest reasons he wants to stay and become a part of this world.”
(What a nice bit of insight on how the actors perceive their characters…)

Also another Water for Elephants film advertisement poster was revealed on Glamour Magazine (UK edition) website today. It’s slightly different than the one that we’ve already seen… Perhaps it’s going to be used in the international theaters ?… It’s lovely, and a bit more whimsical than the US version…

*Click to enlarge*

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