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August 8, 2010 ~ I’ve added a new page to the Water for Elephants film blog called “WFE ~ Fans Share Their Set Stories” where I have re-capped the entire TN/GA portion of WFE filming with links to the individual set stories that I have gathered so far. More will be published as I receive them…
You will also find links to the TN local news coverage of the filming as well. I wanted to publish a page where everything related to that portion of filming could be saved and  located easily. Even though the filming portion of WFE has finished there is still so much more to come before it opens in theaters on April 15, 2011! I will be adding new pages to the blog and updating the current ones with news, photos and all kinds of fun! …. As always, I appreciate you following me on this WFE film journey as it continues onward…

August 5, 2010 ~ WFE filming wrapped last night in Chattanooga, TN: Director Francis Lawrence tweeted:
Just shot what is probably our most beautiful train shot… Setting sun, reflections in the water and white steam shooting thru the trees! Down to the very last shot. Train thru a tunnel at night. Rolling the cameras.. That’s a wrap on WFE!!!!!!. I will write a Big Top post this weekend re-capping the last days of filming and I am currently working on a feature page focusing on the Tennessee and Georgia portion of  Water for Elephants filming… More to come!

August 3, 2010 ~ **Updated with Francis Lawrence’s (@Hibbits) latest tweets! They came in this order:
Rain… Feels great in the heat… But it’s not so good for the shot. Then: We have wrapped Jacob! and finally: We still have three background plates to shoot tonight and then some more plates tomorrow. But principal photography is now done... What this means is that Rob has finished filming WFE, but they still have some location background shots to film before filming is finally wrapped. The movie term, “plates” refers to: “A background for any type of process shot.” A process shot is: “A shot that will be a composite of two other shots.” The background part of this process is called a ‘plate‘... Hope that explanation helps! More Water for Elephants news: Earlier today local Tennessee TV news station WRCB contacted me to help them get in touch with Francis Lawrence because they wanted to interview him for their evening news. I was more than happy to help them and through the power of Twitter I was able to message Francis and the interview was arranged. Here is the link to the story and video. I want to thank WRCB News Director Derrall Stalvey for the link to my blog on their WFE news story. If you’ve not visited their website please do, they have multiple news stories covering WFE filming in Tennessee and Georgia.
Earlier today: WFE Director Francis Lawrence let us know that today would be their last day of filming! He tweeted this morning: @Hibbits Last day… Jacob jumping the train for the first time. He actually gave us a heads up yesterday when he tweeted an answer to me: @WFEfilm no… Today is not our last day. I have to say that it’s been a fantastic fun ride these past two and half months, so it’s going to be bittersweet to see this phase of production end. However, there is still post production/editing to complete, and the best part is hopefully after that, the promotion will begin. @Hibbits was quite ‘talkative’ yesterday and tweeted these bits: One shot left for August, Walter, Blackie and Earl. Just picture wrapped Christoph, Mark, Scott, Ken and Queenie. Almost done… I also learned that the adorable little Jack Russell Terrier that plays Queenie is named Uggy! Local resident, Carrie, got to meet ‘him’ and his owner last night… Below is her photo, too cute! Here is what Carrie had to say about meeting Queenie/Uggy:Having 3 kids I have not been able to go out and try to get a glimpse of the cast. Last night I finally had a chance to venture out. Got to the Reed House around 10:30 pm. Getting out of my car I could see a crowd of people at the front door. Not as many as I imagined maybe 30 at the most. While walking towards the front doors I noticed a guy outside with a dog. From photos I’d seen I said “Oh wait is this Queenie?” He said “Yes this is him.” After talking to the owner I found out his name was actually “Uggy”! I was happy to hear him repeat what his name was because when he first said it I though he was calling him “Ugly”!!!  The dog was so loving as you can see from the pic. His owner was also very polite and you could tell he had lots of love for that dog. He reminded me (and the crowd of fans who stopped) that his dog had been loved on by Rob all week and that was as close as we would probably ever be to Rob’s lips!!!! Of course I had to have a pic! **Updated to add Carrie’s ‘base camp’ and location images. Thanks, Carrie!

Another WFE film enthusiast, Cheryl, got close to WFE ‘base camp’ yesterday and took these photos: Some of the Ring stock Horses, Rob’s stunt double, one of adorable Queenie/Uggy,  Mark Povinelli as Walter/Kinko and Jacob/Rob. Thanks for sharing!

More later as filming continues today!

August 2, 2010 ~ **Updated to add: Apparently Christoph Waltz has been in TN/GA as well according to @Hibbits
tweet: “
Early morning Chattanooga… Getting ready to shoot Christoph’s last scene!What a nice surprise, and he managed to stay under the radar as well. Nicole S., who shared her set story with me below (July 31), has sent me more info on WFE filming today. She visited the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum yesterday (August 1). **Edited: You can read all of Nicole’s set stories and view her photos ~here~ I’ve added a new page entitled:WFE ~ Fans Share Their Set Storiesto consolidate all of the local news stories as well as links to each of the fans set stories… Enjoy!

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  1. I loved this story from Nicole!!! Totally fun!

  2. Awesome Fanblog….. for a would-be-Awesome movie….. Thank you soo much…

    Love Rob <3

  3. Welcome back.

  4. Holy cow!! Barbara looks stunning!!!

  5. Thankyou for keeping us up to date on what’s happening on the WFE set! After reading the book, I can’t tell you how excited I will be to see it on the big screen! Rob, Reese and Christoph are great actors, and I know they will make this a captivating and moving story!!

  6. great site soooooo much interesting info and pictures

  7. Thank you for all your updates. I’ve been following Robs career and feel he was an excellent choice for the part. I can’t wait to see the entire cast make this book come alive

  8. Thanks for all of your posts. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished products, but your updates are just great.

  9. This sight is unbelievable- thank you!! I will be visiting it often, because I’ve read the book and can’t wait to see it all brought to life. Casting Rob as Jacob is dead on, and Reese and Christoph as well. Rosie…I already love her!! It seems from what I read the director definitely wants to do this film right.

  10. I’m surprised Holbrook took the role so soon after he lost his own wife to cancer (as his character does in the film). I’m sure it will be agonizing for him to bring up those emotions on set, but perhaps a fitting tribute to his wife.

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