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April 22, 2011 ~ Water for Elephants opens today in the USA and Canada!! Finally after over a year of blogging the film will be shown in over 2,000 theaters across the country! I hope that everyone has a chance to see it this weekend to help make it a great ‘open’ for the film. Water for Elephants had its premiere on April 17th in NYC at the Zeigfeld Theater and by all accounts was very exciting. I have created a new Gallery 5 for all of the premiere images beginning with NYC. There are also a few new film still that have been added to Gallery 4. TheVideos page has been updated with Red Carpet interviews featuring Francis Lawrence, Rob, Reese and some of the other actors in the film. I will pick the winner of the WFE film tie-in novel contest later today (this evening), so check back! More to come!

April 13, 2011 ~ The Water for Elephants NYC premiere on April 17th is just around the corner!
There have been quite a few differentWFE TV spots/Ads shown on various networks, etc. building excitement/interest for the film! Reese Witherspoon is on the cover of the May 2011 edition of Vogue Magazine which also features an excellent article on Reese’s involvement with WFE, plus a few quotes from Rob Pattinson. You can read the article at and I’ve added the beautiful photos from the article to Image Gallery 4. The Official Water for Elephants website has updated their layout to include photos, videos and cast/character bios! They also updated with a few more film stills which I’ve added to Image Gallery 4 as well (HQ versions via @RPLife). Water for Elephants film editor, Alan Edward Bell, discusses his involvement with the film in a video via In this excellent video he talks about director Francis Lawrence, Rob Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, I’ve added it to the Videos page… will be streaming live from the Water for Elephants premiere in New York City on April 17th beginning at 5:00pm EST! So for those of you not attending the premiere you’ll have a front row seat! More news as things develop in the next few days running up to the USA premiere. Check the April 9th entry below for details on Water for Elephants Worldwide premieres and WFE cast TV appearances! Reminder: ‘Round Two’ of my Water for Elephants tie-in novel contest is in full swing. Check out the ***WFE ~ Contest** Page for the details! Also don’t forget to pre-order the Water for Elephants film soundtrack to be released on April 19th from Barnes & for $10.82!

April 9, 2011 ~ Water for Elephants promos are coming at us from every direction: TV Ads, magazine interviews and video interviews! Last weekend (April 2-3) was an ‘official’ press junket for WFE and reporters/interviewers came from all over the USA to speak with Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis in Santa Monica, CA. Rob and Reese also presented an award at the ACMA last Sunday, which brought additional attention to WFE. There were plenty of new photos too, some from the press junket and 23 new ‘film stills’! I added all of the new photos to Image Gallery 4. All of the press junket video interviews have been added to the Videos page as well. published an interview with Rob from Sunday’s (April 3rd) press conference. Read it here. RPLife posted two excellent Water for Elephants reviews that have been translated,read them here. Box Office Magazine published a fantastic WFE article where they interview Rob and Francis. The Rob Pattinson interview was previously posted online, you can read it here. The Francis Lawrence part is new… Below are the Box Office magazine scans via stewtothewood (thank you!) They’re a bit difficult to read, but worth it! (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Another excellent interview with Reese and Rob from Miradas Magazine (Argentina), you can read the translation here (via RPLife)
Total Film Magazine, June 2011 edition, features interviews with Rob, Reese, Francis and Tai’s trainer, Gary (via RPLife) (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Total Film also reviewed Water for Elephants:

I thought that I should include a list of the upcoming promotional appearances and the forthcoming film premieres~

Here is a list of Rob, Reese & Christoph’s upcoming Television appearances:
April 18th ~ The Today Show – New York City (Rob)
April 18th ~ Live with Regis & Kelly – New York City (Rob)
April 19th ~ Live with Regis & Kelly – New York City (Reese)

April 20th ~ Live with Regis & Kelly – New York City (Christoph)
April 20th ~ The Ellen Show – Los Angeles (Rob)
April 20th ~ Jimmy Kimmel Live – Los Angeles (Rob)

April 21st ~ The Ellen Show – Los Angeles (Reese)
April 21st ~ Jimmy Kimmel Live – Los Angeles (Christoph)
April 21st ~ Conan – (Reese)

Here are the dates for the various Water for Elephants premieres:
April 17th ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in NYC: Ziegfeld Theater – Red carpet and arrivals will begin at 5:00 pm: Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis to attend
April 27th ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in Berlin: CineStar Sony Center – Rob, Christoph and Francis to attend
April 28th ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in Paris: Le Grand Rex Theater – Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis to attend
May 1st ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in Barcelona: Comedia Theater at 9:00pm – Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis to attend
May 3rd ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in London: The Vue Cinema Westfield – Rob, Reese, Christoph and Francis to attend
May 6th ~ Water for Elephants Premiere in Sydney: The State Theatre – Rob, Reese and Francis to attend

April 1, 2011 ~ It’s the first day of April and only 21 more days until Water for Elephants opens in theaters in the USA!! Now I will be counting down the days with purpose! Quite a few WFE news bits to talk about, since I haven’t updated the Film News page in over a week! I’ll start with links to the WFE related print articles, all articles are via RPLife(where they sourced the origins). To begin: Rob Pattinson was featured in Italian Vanity Fair, Rob was also featured in theUK  film magazine, Empire. In another really great article from German website,, Gary Johnson of Have Trunk Will Travel (Tai’s trainer) talks in depth about their time on the WFE film set! Translation of the article via Robsteners. On Wednesday, March 30th, Entertainment Tonight continued their BTS coverage of Water for Elephants, the segment has been added to the Videos page! I’ve also added four more beautiful WFE stills/images to Gallery 4 (via BoxOfficeMojo). Alan Edward Bell, WFE film editor, participated in a  BTS video for the website, I’ve added a Youtube version to the Videos page. Also, there is a new Water for Elephants Italian teaser/trailer that features new scenes from the film and  an American TV spot featuring new scenes as well! I’ve added the Youtube versions to theVideos page… Whew!! The WFE promo is in full swing and I expect it to heat up even more now that the premiere is only 3 weeks away!  MTV’s Josh Horowitz hinted that he will be interviewing Rob Pattinson on Sunday (April 3rd), most likely at theAcademy of Country Music Awards that will take place in Las Vegas, NV. Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon will be presenters, the live show airs from the MGM Grand Garden Arena at 8:00pm EST on CBS TV. Finally: Round One of my Water for Elephants Film tie-in novel contest has ended and I will pick winner #1 later this evening. If you didn’t have a chance to enter this round, I will begin Round Two next week. For details see the **WFE Contest**page!

~Click here for March 2011 News Archive~

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