{Updated: September 21, 2012} Welcome to the Water for Elephants film blog!
I began this blog in March 2010 when I learned that one of my favorite books, “Water for  Elephants”,  had been optioned for a film.  I dove headlong into blogging about this ‘film in progress’ with a fool’s passion… Just after I began the blog I found the film’s director, Francis Lawrence, on Twitter and we struck up a ‘Twitter friendship’. His response tweets to my WFE questions became the foundation of this blog and his tweets continued throughout the entire shoot. A year after I began the film blog (March 2011) Francis graciously granted me a ‘phone interview‘. He’s an amazingly genuine, humble person and a brilliant director that clearly and passionately loves his work.  I cannot thank him enough for his kindness… Along the way I have met many of the actors and ‘behind the scenes‘ artists involved with Water for Elephants and they have generously contributed to my ‘film blog’. I also contacted WFE author, Sara Gruen,  via her Facebook page and she approved of  my feature page about her.  Hopefully my WFE  film blog is more than just a place to check for WFE film details, it’s meant to be a resource, a place to enjoy and learn about the process of film making and the people behind the scenes that bring it all together.
I will continue to maintain this film blog as a ‘virtual scrapbook’,  preserving all of the details so that it can be enjoyed and remembered. When I began writing the blog I arranged it by ‘Pages’, rather than ‘Posts’, so that the various topics have their own ‘Page’ and therefor better organized. To navigate the blog just click on the ‘Page’ links in the sidebar to the right. Check out the WFE ~ Big Top page for any updates, as this page will serve as the blog’s platform. Thank you for visiting and please leave your comments as I’d like this page to be a dialogue between those interested in the book and film! (This is an independent ‘film blog’ and not associated with the actual film.) © Copyright note: You may ‘excerpt’ content from this blog with prior permission. However, you may not copy and paste entire pages (words, images, etc.) from this blog to your blog or website . Be kind and link back to my blog – Thanks again!

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